Monday, October 03, 2016

What Wells Fargo Deserves...?

From The Independent Newspaper (UK): 

"Always read the small print.  It's a rule most of us know and most of us ignore - and one often thrown back at borrowers by banks facing complaints about their terms and conditions."

FUNNY! Snort, snort...
"Dmitry Argarkov, who was sent an unsolicited letter offering him a credit card, has turned the tables, however, and struck a blow for bank customers everywhere."

"Instead of simply ignoring the offer, Mr. Argarkov scanned the agreement into his computer, changed the terms of the contract, and returned it to the lender.  His version of the agreement was somewhat more favorable...

... - unlimited credit line, no fees, and a 0 percent interest rate - than those proposed by the bank."

Just say: "Charge It!"
"When the document was returned the bank failed to check the fine print and sent Mr. Argarkov his credit card with a credit limit large enough to allow him to purchase a small island - which he proceeded to do."

"After two years of use, the bank attempted to terminate because Mr. Agarkov was late on his island payments. The bank sued, but earlier this week, a court backed Mr. Argarkov.  The judge said: "They [the bank] signed the documents without looking. They said what their borrowers say in court: 
"We did not read it." 

"The bank intends to appeal."
Snort !  Snort !
(Hope you can read this!)

May Justice prevail !!

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Anonymous said...

It sound like in this case the scales of Justice tipped in the right direction. If the gods are righteous, perhaps the scales will tip in the same direction in November.