Monday, October 17, 2016

Mission Accomplished....

Been a bit of controversy brewing within the blog "Comments" over the last few days about the role and effectiveness of the CU trades - primarily CUNA and NAFCU, but without doubt also the leagues and NASCUS.

Dues decision time is once again just around the corner for credit unions.  Thought it might be appropriate to recognize and reemphasize the progress CUNA has made over the last 18-24 months on the issues of governance, transparency and reform: 

"The membership of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has overwhelmingly voted to modernize the associations bylaws. This historic change creates a new, open membership model for CUNA and empowers the board of directors to maintain a fair dues formula and board structure as the credit union system evolves."[link]


"This is a tremendous victory for credit unions. I am grateful to our members for this strong vote of confidence in CUNA and for embracing a modern, national trade association model
"A tremendous victory"?
that will help us build an even stronger, more effective, and more united credit union system," said CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle.

So, what has changed...

☐yes     ☒no     The Board?

☐yes     ☒no     The size of the Board?

☐yes     ☒no     New voting/election procedures?

☐yes     ☒no     "Bloated, top heavy, siloed, inefficient"?

☐yes     ☒no     Reduction in dues?

☐yes     ☒no     Greater transparency?

☐yes     ☒no     Summary of changes to be made?

☐yes     ☒no     Explanation of reason for changes?

☐yes     ☒no     Timeline for change?

☐yes     ☒no     Decline in number of CUs?

☒yes     ☐no     Exciting press release!

☒yes     ☐no     Not much else!

Really?  "CU-raq"?



Anonymous said...

Bottom line: Congress is useless and things never change. Who have been two of the last three CEO's of CUNA? Congressmen. Now you see why CUNA is also useless and nothing ever changes.

Jason M. Dias said...

Jim, what have you heard about CUNA comping PEN FED 2 years pro bono? Please let me know. 830-708-4609, or

Jim Blaine said...

Busy drinking coffee Jason... don't try to rush a retiree!!!!!

Patience, relax and smell that Texas sagebrush...

Dennis Moriarity said...

On behalf of the 1000-1500 Zombie Credit Unions that cuna says won't be around much longer anyway, allow me to shout out a loud AMEN to your post. They deserve and will receive exactly the measure of support they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, does anyone really believe that the majority of credit unions will not re-sign and pay up their annual dues to NAFCU, CUNA or the entities called Leagues? Come on people, you know the industry. Writing the check is automatic. None of them look at what they are getting for their money. They feel that in order to be part of credit union land they have to belong to one or the other national rip off organizations. All you guys bitch and moan about NCUA and CFPB and yet do nothing about your own houses. And you never will because no one has the backbone or the other "B" word to do it. Change only comes when you have someone stand up, not be concerned about being politically correct, take their lumps for telling it like it is and push on to try and make things better by telling the truth about what's wrong. You think their is anyone in the credit union industry that would do that? I think not. Their all concerned about their own pocketbooks and would dare not bite the hand that feeds them. The complaining has gone on for decades and will continue forever because that is just the way it is.

Jim Blaine said...

So, as is often asked here, what should be done?

Anonymous said...

Time to merge CUNA into NAFCU and save millions in salaries!

Anonymous said...

If CUNA has not delivered as promised why the heck did you rejoin them?!

Jim Blaine said...

Good question: "Why did SECU rejoin in April, 2016?"

Because the request posed to CUNA (and the leagues) back in 2013/2014 was to give credit unions a direct voice at the national level, by ending the requirement to join a league. Give CUs the right to choose if they wanted to join a league and if so which league to join. After an embarrassingly silly series of CUNA/league leadership snafus, CHOICE was put to a membership vote and approved by 90+% of CUNA members in March, 2016 - that's right 90+%!!!!

CUNA members had confirmed that CHOICE was the best path forward for CUNA. SECU felt the request had been met and that it was appropriate to rejoin and participate in the reformation.

It would appear so far that CHOICE is a sham... little of consequence has changed.. leagues are still finagling behind the scenes to maintain control... CUNA central leadership seems to lack direction and coherence.. but most critically the CUNA Board seems to have confirmed its critics accusations of being puppets of no consequence.

As long as the composition of the CUNA Board remains undemocratic, subservient, and leaderless... as The Donald would say "The system is rigged" against change.

Anonymous said...

What should be done is simple. Do not renew your membership with either CUNA or NAFCU. Do you know why this cannot and will not happen? Because of the pressure the boys in power will put on the individual credit unions as well as the peer pressure they will face from the good ole boys concerned only with their jobs, compensation, fringe benefits, vacations and pensions. JB uses the "rigged" word and as silly some people make think it is, we all know that elections in the credit union industry from individual credit union boards to the boards of CUNA, NAFCU and even NASCUS are rigged. If you are not a go along to get along you ain't going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

You got Stumpf'ed by Nussle and CUNA!!!!

Jim Blaine said...

Well, I did call Jim Nussle and left a message asking "The Pen-Fed Question"!

Let you know what he says... if he does!

Jim Blaine said...

Jim Nussle did call back and said the answer to the "PenFed Question" was "No". So there! He did say that dues were generally prorated from the date rejoined, which certainly makes sense.

Also said that there were now open quarterly conference calls and many more smaller forums where CUs could have a direct dialogue with folks at CUNA if desired. And reasonably, said that "structural issues" would evolve over time to meet the changing needs of the credit union movement. CUNA's most important focus now is on the NCUA budget & new regs, CFPB rules, and of course awaiting the upcoming national election.

Can't really argue with any of that... and one more bit of key evidence on how important this next election will be for the future of CUs ... and everything else USA!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm Jimbo. Prorated from the date rejoined?

And just how focused they are.

Anonymous said...

Penfed just rejoined this week and bailed Nussle and CUNA out. It is not the date of the announcement of rejoining. Once a congressman always a congressman. Put a bag on your head. Again.