Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Presidential Politics... 2016.





Anonymous said...

Works for me.
And I bet a vast majority of Americans (bc many of us are in the middle looking for results instead of more of the same).

William Brooks said...

So the First Amendment only works for you and speech you agree with Jim? Guess you support two sets of Justice. One for the Elites like you and one for the Hoi Polloi?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should be fair and do the same to both.

Anonymous said...

Brooks, once again showing true colors.
No one is calling for an end to free speech.
But the imbecile formerly known as trump has likely ceded the election to the crook.
He has tried to lose this.
He has revealed an epic lack of intelligence by purposely alienating huge swaths of the voting population.
He has proven to be historically lazy in his approach to the highest office in the land. Yes he has traveled a lot. But while preparing very little if at all.
He is, the most ignorant man in the world.
It is a testimony to how bad Clinton is that she hasn't put him away yet.
And you sir, are the only American who thinks this is a great election.

Jim Blaine said...

Bill, I very much believe in free speech.

Think it's Mr. Trump's supporters who are trying to get the man to "shut up"!!!

Ms. Clinton and crew want him to keep on exercising that right!