Friday, October 28, 2016

"Someone" Needs To Come Clean... Accountability, Competency, Transparency - "ACT"!

H-m-m- let's see....

It's time for a little pop quiz ! Let's make it multiple choice to improve your odds at passing - OK?  Here goes:

Q: Which of the following: 

1.  Has been involved with "Pass The Cash" political shenanigans involving Chicago law firms and insider cronies ? 
2.  Has initially denied any knowledge of wrongdoing? 
3.  Has claimed that their illegal activities were simply intended to protect the taxpayers ? 
4.  Has or should be prosecuted for their malfeasance and negligence ? 
5.  Is or should be spending some "quality time" in prison ?

A) Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich ?

B) Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. ?

C) The NCUA ?

or ....

Something "stinketh"!




Anonymous said...

To be fair, A and B were given a fair trial and found guilty. You could make a good argument that one received better treatment than the other since he actually profited by his bad deeds while the other was just stupid and as a result is still behind bars.

As for C, did you watch that joke of a budget hearing yesterday. Classic Abbott and Costello. Neither one of those alleged NCUA board members could put a budget together hence they have no idea how to read or interpret one. They are pawns to the staff when it comes to numbers.

As for the commenters it was a sorry sight to see that they represented credit unions in taking on a bloated budget. Rather than getting down to the numbers and asking questions about the shell game that NCUA plays with personnel and contractual they instead talked about increasing the size of the board and failing to adequately respond when challenged comparing the NCUA budget to other federal regulators.Poor preparation and an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I watched and read ALL the submitted testimonies. They were actually pretty good and very detailed. If you are so critical of the presenters, YOU should have testified instead of being lazy and throwing spears.

Jim Blaine said...

Plan to by Nov. 4th... as you note, hope everyone who has a legitimate concern about the NCUA will do likewise. Everything NCUA does is in that budget, so all topics are in play...
. silence to me indicates support for the accountability, competency, and transparency of the Agency. Fair enuf?

Anonymous said...

Fair enough.