Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Logic of a Bureaucracy... Oh, Deer...

The far western part of North Carolina (... beyond Asheville, and Asheville is pretty "far out"!) is still a very independent minded section of the Country. Up in the mountains things change more slowly; family and church are still important; people have long memories; grudges are held firmly, often passed down through generations.

In this corner of the State, the region includes some of the last true wilderness on the East Coast, stretching into Georgia, Tennessee, and the Cherokee Nation - the scenery, mountains, valleys and rivers are on the gorgeous side.

Visitors and tourists - outsiders! - are tolerated for the money they bring to the area, but are often provided - just for fun! - with a free copy of the movie "Deliverance", handed across with a sly wink and a wry grin. 

With mountain folks "Authority" is often questioned; sometimes that can cause "problems"...

From the Cherokee Scout newspaper:

Held hostage by a vet...!!
"Well known veterinarian Dr. William Mitchell was arraigned today in Superior Court on two charges of possession of a game animal without a permit. The citations were issued after the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) received information that Mitchell was holding two white-tailed deer in a fenced-in area at his home without a permit.  A DNR spokesman said the two deer had been seized the prior week."

"Dr. Mitchell denied holding the deer, saying they were free to come and go as they pleased.  He said this is all a vendetta and that DNR officers were still angry with him for going public about the disposition of two bear cubs that were brought to him after their mother was poached.  The cubs were subsequently taken by DNR, but Dr. Mitchell suspected that the cubs had been euthanized."

"DNR denied that the cubs were killed and said they were "placed in a facility"; but declined to release any more information."

"DNR did acknowledge that the two deer had been destroyed "according to department policy and by law", because no suitable place could be found for them due to their age and tameness."

Not too hard for me to think of at least one place those two deer could have been taken... how about you?

Any wonder voters are desperate for a change in how our government "operates"?


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but what about Navy Federal? What about Cutler Dawson? NAFCU pretty quiet. Oink?

Anonymous said...

We need a real conversation of the direction of this country. We are over regulated to the detriment of the group the foolish regulators are trying to protect, i.e., the bear cubs as an example are not much different than the enlisted men that CFPB accused Navy FCU of harming.

There are reason that Navy FCU collectors talked about reporting to the enlisted persons supervisor. When I was an Examiner,the military had rules and procedures about lending to enlisted men. I can only assume that they are in effect today. If you followed the rules, the borrowers supervisor (not good with military speak) was to advise the person of their duty and make sure that there was nothing going on that would disrupt the good order and discipline of the unit. Many of the enlisted people are away from home for the first time. They can fall pray to a lot of abuses. The system was set up to protect them and the other people in their units. I suspect that the military code is still in effect.

Navy FCU also enforced the statutory lien on all shares that is provided for in the Federal Credit Union Act. Navy FCU seems to be a Federal Credit Union and CFPB just overrode the FCUA.

These acts will only hurt the future enlisted people who are trying to get credit. I am sure that the misguided people at the CFPB are clearly on the road to hell with their good intentions.

I may not have the greatest legal mind, but if the structure of the CFPB is "Unconstitutional" and the President takes an oath to "Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution" we have a major problem if the President allows the CFPB to continue on in it present form!

What is of greater concern is that if the smaller credit union, those under 10 Billion, don't speak up about this abuse of regulatory authority, who will protect them when the regulator comes a knocking on their door.

Anonymous said...

"Who will protect (the other credit unions) from CFPB"?
Where have you been?
Why, Dan Berger will.
He will write another letter espousing how he has our back.
Then, Nussle will.

It's worked for access to capital, MBL, filed of membership, RBC, CAMELS, ETC.

we don't waste our member money anymore.

Anonymous said...

Berger and Nussle are two hands on men. Problem is that the only thing they use their hands for is to find their asses. And sometimes they can't even do that!

Jason M. Dias said...

Jim, if CUNA offers 2 years free to a big CU, should they offer it to all of their clients?????

Anonymous said...

I just love the Anonymous insults directed at Jim and Dan. Explain what YOU have specifically done to make the credit union movement better. Credit unions would be better served by people that rolled up their sleeves and actually worked instead of sitting on your fat shriveled rear-end and whining, complaining and insulting.

Anonymous said...

There's no way Nussle is that stupid to give the third largest credit union free or partial dues. Right?