Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Spanking The Bankers....

Mr. "Prick-ly", CEO ICBA
Mr. Camden Fine, the CEO of the Independent Community Bankers Association (pictured at right grinning unconvincingly!) , has launched yet another lawsuit against NCUA and therefore by proxy against America's 5,000 credit unions and 105 million American credit union members.

Mr. Wells Bells
[Ever noticed how these bankers
all kinda look (and act!) alike?]
Mr. Fine (to use the word loosely!) and his "K Street" lawyers claim the suit is to preserve Mom, apple pie, and the American Republic, but the lawsuit reads [here's the link and video] like the same old self-serving, self-interested, selfishness from the ICBA (an Incredibly Crabby Bunch of A's!)

But, thank goodness that credit unions have rallied to respond responsibly to the lawsuit on behalf of our 105 million credit union member-owners...  

Consider Yourself Served By The ICBA!
[Oink, Oink, Sue-y, Sue-y!]


Anonymous said...

Now the question becomes will the NCUA Board allow itself to be bullied by a trade group representing a bunch of bankers? Will they be scared by the threat of additional law suits now that the bully bankers have thrown down the gauntlet? Will they back off on the FOM rule in an attempts to keep the miniature Wells Fargo guys from running to court again? Will they compromise the rule at the expense of the credit union industry? Will either of the board members step up and tell the wanna be trade association to go to hell and propose a rule that will open the doors of great financial services to millions more Americans? Will one of them have the guts to say bring it on weeps we'll see you in court? Because we all know that a judge or a jury are ready to tell the lowly bankers where to put their lawsuit. Any bets on one of them doing the right thing?

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!