Saturday, October 08, 2016

2017 "Non-R" Early-Birdy Managerial Forecast…….

Robusterians can't draw
straight lines,

 without becoming regressive...
Since quants, economists, and other - various and sundry - robusterian talking heads are held fully unaccountable for their voluminous, diarrhetic, pseudo-scientific blatherings [pretty good length on that phrase - heh?!]; thought it would not be harmful to subject you to my equally useless and profoundly senseless non-robusterian ("Non-R") early-birdy managerial forecast for 2017 So, please permit me to add to the heap (perhaps that should be "pile")…..

And, since it is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words", here's a look at your Credit Union Early-Birdy "Non-R" Managerial Forecast [regardless of your politics - "Left", "Right" or "OMG Please No"!] for 2017….

… enjoy the ride !!!!!!!

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