Friday, October 07, 2016

Credit Unions In Truth: We're Baaaaaaa-d!

Credit Unions: Not Predators!

Some of the best attributes of Credit Unions are that, as cooperatives, we're open, transparent, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda organizations.  No fine print, no come-ons, no-trip wires, no gotchas, no "Stumpf-ing", no Wells Fargo-ing, no consent decrees... "no phone, no fool, no pets"[Roger Miller - "King of the Road"].

Members First!

CUs are sheep in sheep's clothing....


Even under intense, self-serving assaults from accusatory "b-oink-ers", we continue to prove day-after-day that a credit union is not a "wolf".

"I'm a credit union, I'm a credit union !!!
I'm not one of them!"

Listen up Congress:  
Yes, yes.... we be baaaaaaa-d !!!


... but we are not

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, I believe your dissertation should begin with the words, for the most part, because not all credit unions are like the majority. In the bushel of credit unions there are some bad apples. I refer not only to those found committing fraud and stealing from the members but also the small majority that have CEO's who do nothing but take their salary, put in the minimum time needed, take every vacation day, golf in every available tournament, accept gifts from vendors and grab on to every perk available. Every industry has the fish that troll the bottom of the river and credit unions are no exception.