Monday, December 05, 2016

The NCUA Budget: Easy Money... Part 4 1/2

Know that some folks may view challenging the wisdom of Mr. Fazio and his "robust" (!) NCUA investment experts for investing $800 million of your NCUSIF deposits in 9 and 10 year long-term treasuries over the last 90 days as "Monday morning quarterbacking".

After all, the question has been asked: "Where did you, Mr. Blaine [that's not really what they called me..!], get "your expertise"? You're not a trained, practicing economist of any recognized stature!"

Well, that's true so in doing research I always look first to the people I trust the most...

Here, take a look at what Mr. Ralph Monaco, NCUA's Chief Economist, said about interest rates a little over a month ago...

... it starts around the 9:45 mark in the video.

Maybe Mr. Fazio should take a walk
 down the hall at Duke Street!
[... or perhaps the Board should ask Mr. Monaco to the December meeting to brief them!]


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