Saturday, December 17, 2016

Making A List, Checking It Twice...

Ho - Ho - Ho !!

Dear Santa,

You are the best! How have you been doing? I love your work. How is Ms. Claus?  How are the reindeer?  You have a great family. Is it warm this time of year at the North Pole?

I am seven years old.  I live in the house with the tall swing set.  You go left, then you go right, and you will be at my house.  I have been so good this year and have not misbehaved for the most part, because I knew the elves were watching.  I got purple at school.  I am coming to your parade.  I hope I am on the nice list….
... and a rabbit,...
I would like a go-cart, some cowboy boots, and a plastic sword that lights up red.  I have to get something or I won't have anything to play with.  If you bring me the puppies, guinea pigs, and the rabbit, you should also bring something special for my Mom. Be sure that my little sister also gets something even though she has been naughty. She needs crayons, because she has eaten most of the ones she got last year. If you see my grandmother, tell her I would really like to hug her up.

Happy Holidays !!

If you will give me all these things because I want them, I will be extremely thankful. You have really worked hard for me in past Christmases. You are very special!  I will leave you some milk and Cheetos to snack on.  You can wake me up if you need to.  

Thank you for all you do and Happy Birthday, Santa!



Anonymous said...

Hope Santa takes switches to the NCUA. They are bad little boys with those billion dollar legal fees, bad investments, and bad judgment.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention bad advice and attitude !