Tuesday, December 20, 2016

On The Credit Union Trades ...



... or...

Or "ACT"!

... a permanent dilemma?




Jim Blaine said...

Spoke too soon! Kudos to Dan Berger and the team at NAFCU (or is that "NAFICU" now?) for launching a webpage (see nafcu.org) where members can track NCUA finances - fees, assessments, budget, NCUSIF, etc.

All agree that the first step in "ACT" is transparency.

If you can force a reluctant Agency to be transparent, then accountability and competency will follow, despite the shenanigans of "the entrenched"!

Great to see Dan and "NAF-whatever" moving out

Anonymous said...

Was NAFCU, is NAFCU, and will stay NAFCU.

Anonymous said...

Was nafcu is nafcu and will stay ineffective.
So they're a little better than CUNA.
So what?
Nafcu should have been informing like this years ago and on the CCU mess also.
But that's trade association 101.
Where's the EFFECTIVE advocacy?

Probably too late at this point to expect results.

No F, so no A, no C and no T on important stuff like OTR, CCU mess, medallion loans and WHY 23% on the contingency legal fees.
Even Congress is wondering (mulvaney)!
But we just accept it.
Glad we don't pay dues but still stuck by association.

Anonymous said...

If nafcu is doing such a great job, then why do they not ask the one question everyone is asking...
...IF the ASSESSMENTS in 2017 are (as nafcu says in their press release today) UNNECESSARY, then WHY would NCUA bother to assess?

And, if nafcu is doing such a great job of holding NCUA accountable (as they boast), then where is the analysis of the risk in the system that proves no ASSESSMENTS are necessary?
Or, where is the analysis and public outcry for the lack of justification for ASSESSMENTS...and I don't mean chest thumping letter writing.

Big talk, no action.

The ASSESSMENTS are probably necessary for the reason NCUA is not sharing. Not that the ASSESSMENTS weren't avoidable ...
...but the opportunity to avoid is over.

The cooperative movement has not and isn't cooperating for accountability.

The lack of accountability invites change.

Anonymous said...

I see all the whining on here but yet to see anyone else that is pontificating doing anything constructive except for Blaine, Berger, McWatters and Mulvaney. What specifically have YOU done to make things better for MY credit union?

Stop yapping like a spoiled child and DO something, anything, that will make things better for my credit union and our entire movement.

Anonymous said...

What's mcwatters done?

What's Berger done?

What have you done?

And if they have done something, how us your credit union "better"?

We quit paying dues.