Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pre-Season Favorites: Dear Santa…..

Making a list, checking it...

I also want to be taller than my brother and a trash pack.  

* I would like a little baby winner dog.  

I love my stomps you brought me last year.  

Please give me these things, if you do I will be good. 

 How are you? Are you lactose intolerant, if so I can leave you some soy milk.  I might write another letter because I'm not done thinking what I won't yet.

* I want a magic bell.  I am three feet tall.  I have been good to my big sister even if she is so mean and all about horses.  

* I would like some pink roller skates and whatever else you think I might like to have.  If we're not home you can take my stuff to my Grandma's house.

* I live in a house right somewhere; it has bricks on it.  My dad always eats your cookies.  We are out of milk but I can leave sweet tea.  I saw you on TV yesterday.  I want a baby that eats cookies and drinks coffee.

And last but not least...

"I'm not feeling "usual"…"
I live on Nottla River Road on the flat part. I do not have a chimney, you will need to come through the door. The dog stays inside but doesn't usually bite….


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