Friday, December 16, 2016

NCUA: The Art of the Deal!

Remember that $800 million portfolio of long-term, 9/10 year treasuries purchased by the NCUSIF over the last couple of months? The transaction which "may-be-an-example-of-why" Mr. Trump is our President-elect!

Well relax, yesterday the value only... 

"We may need another wall..."

... declined by another $2+ million*
(It's not real money folks!)

* aggregate loss in last 60 days (-$65.8 million)!


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tony costanzo said...

These folks regulated the corporate credit unions like WesCorp. Members United, & U.S. Central. We see just how well that worked for the credit union community. Now they have taken the corporate credit union business model and smashed it against the NCUSIFund. And the results are simply spectacular. Can someone explain to the NCUA the objective of the regulator should not include raping, pillaging, and plundering those that they regulate? State chartered, ASI (privately insured) credit unions dodged the corporate credit union NCUA assessments. Now they will dodge 'em again. ASI assessments have been and continue to be significantly less than the NCUA assessments. Is it possible the NCUA could subcontract the job to ASI. Please call ASI at: (800)521-6342. Plan A - remaining a victim of the NCUA is not working. Plan B - moving to a state charter with private (ASI) insurance is looking better all the time.