Friday, June 10, 2016

Tubal Litigation....

Tooth or Consequences?
Ever noticed that in every family there are two distinct views, two separate camps on the major issue concerning proper dental hygiene?

No, it's not about the brand, or the flavor, nor the texture of the toothpaste. And, no it's not about who flosses and who doesn't; nor whether you should brush in the morning, or before you go to sleep at night. Nope, the number one question is 
Brace yourself...
not about fluoride, nor whiteners, nor braces and cosmetic surgery.  

But rest assured that the controversy over this principal issue can lead to some "first thing in the morning" fights, frugality vs. wastefulness slurs, occasional spousal "dis-ingenuity", and some devious, surreptitious, only in-the-dark trashcan "diving".  Guessed it yet?

The number one issue in dental hygiene in most American homes is...

Some folks do, some never will !!

 ... how do you decide when the toothpaste tube is empty???

Are you "the wimp or the whip" in your family on this issue? 

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Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do about when the tube is empty. The problem is similar to toilet paper. No one wants to take the time to get a new roll and put in on the spindle just like no one wants to get the toothpaste box, open it up, throw the old tube away and put the new tube in the drawer. It's like the NCUA adage, why do it if you only have to wait long enough for someone else to.