Monday, June 27, 2016

A "Level Playing Field"......

"All we want to do is level the playing field...."

The interesting thing about "level playing fields" is that you sure hear a lot of people preaching and complaining about them; but, much like the Loch Ness monster, it's hard to find anyone who has ever really seen one!

Dirt Sculpture !!
Fact is most Southerners, being newly "off the farm" - and only half a paycheck from returning - know full well there ain't no such thing as a level field.  

If you plowed and planted a field level, a "hard rain" would "set up" on the field and drown the crop. Planted fields are shaped and tapered, valleyed and hilled. There's a sculptured artistry and fine craftsmanship in a farm field which has been thoughtfully and properly John Deere'd. 

Even big city soccer Moms - down on their knees at the edge of the field, cussing like a sailor at the Ref while cheering their 4-year olds on - have noticed that the playing pitch has been mounded so that it will drain.  It's not level!

Most folks you'll find calling for a level playing field are usually just finagling for a favor, seeking an advantage, or working hard to promote their own selfish, self-interest.  Most are out in left field... especially the "b-worders" who  keep whining about a level playing field between b*@ks and credit unions. 

Well, personally I give up - time to "move on".  I'm ready to concede to their level playing field request!  Here's the deal.....

If in fact the financial institution playing field is "unlevel", as the "b-worders" have so long claimed; then there are only two ways to "make it right".  To level an uneven field you can either 1) raise the low side or you can 2) lower the high side. 

Think about it a little if you need to, but you'll
find those are your only two choices for "leveling things out".

Ready to roll this out?
Having agreed to the b*@ks demands for leveling the financial services playing field; before beginning the leveling process, it is not unreasonable to ask which side is out-of-balance? which side "needs to change its ways"? which side is "too low down"?

After what this Country has had to suffer, as a result of the "collapse of the banking system"; surely its time for the b@*ks to raise their standards of prudence and conduct to a higher level. 

Please don't ask credit unions to lower our standards!  We're already on the higher ground in terms of ethics and accountability. Why drag us down to "their" level?

Looking for a real level playing field in the financial world?

Step up to a Credit Union! 


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Anonymous said...

The field you are playing on is the way the field will always be. There will be no move to leveling the grounds on which you compete. The grounds crew (Congress) receives its greatest amount of compensation (Donations) from the group you compete against (Bankers). So regardless of the dirt (Proposed legislation) thrown into the holes on the field, it will not level it because the bankers will kick the dirt out and the field will remain as it is. It will be up to the players(Credit unions) to make the difference by playing harder and winning the game with strength and execution.