Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rants And Raves...

Fox(y) News
 Mitchell News-Journal

*  "Ms. Billie Ledbetter of Hiddenite turned 100 last month!  When asked to what she attributed her long life? She said: "Eating right and trying to stay away from doctors."

*  "Easiest way to find out if someone is not from around here is to ask them where they went to "VBS"* growing up."  *(Vacation Bible School) 

* "Prison is not supposed to be a comfy, cozy place.   If you want to make them comfortable, ask them to move in with you."

* "Some people don't know the difference between moonshine and prescription pills."

*  "We are so appreciative of all the crazy people going to Raleigh to oppose the recent legislation."

And this week's #1 classic...

Never mind...

*  "Maybe we can get our Congressman to introduce a mind-your-own-business law."

(Perhaps... but, don't hold your breath.)

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Anonymous said...

How about this, an NCUA Board with 435 members so each Congressional district is represented.