Monday, June 06, 2016

That Second Glass Of Wine...

Strange Daze !!

Kinda' strayed from the beaten path the other night and got to thinking [can be a dangerous habit]....

Have you ever wondered:

*  Is it possible to get a second helping of airline food?  Has anybody ever asked?

*  Who is Michael Jackson's father-in-law?

*  Why is the Pope so concerned about birth control?  Is celibacy hereditary?

*  Is a Bernie Sanders fundraiser a "fringe benefit"?

*  Why does our State plant wildflowers along our highways? What is a "cultivated wildflower"?  Is this why Rand Paul needs to be President?

*  Speaking of highways, what exactly is a "Family Truckstop"? And what does a family do there other than ... well you know.

*  Why shouldn't I check Native American on all government forms?  Why shouldn't you?

*  Why aren't there any classes on the "Principles of Predatory Lending"?

*  Where do they take "the stuff" they pump out of my septic tank?  Why am I afraid to ask?    
.... Sorry, was just wondering...

This is pretty stupid too, isn't it...!!!

(... but, "Have a nice day!"anyway!)


Anonymous said...

According to AA it is the first drink that gets you!

Jim Blaine said...

Wait a minute, I think you just took me from 2 to zero, didn't you?