Thursday, June 02, 2016

An Appropriate Memorial ?.....

What does Siri say
about this?

It's pretty clear that the "driver-less car" will not be a new invention...

Why? Because it's awfully easy to get "zoned out" when commuting day-after-day along well-familiar, oft-traversed roadways.  Too many of us are already "zombie drivers" on automatic pilot every morning - "waking up" periodically to find that we've driven many miles totally unaware of the traffic and scenery passing us by. Sound about right? Been there, done that ?

Well, "awoke" one morning recently at a stoplight to find myself next to a pickup truck pulling a small trailer.  On the cab of the truck was one of those magnetic signs, advertising the man's business (gravestones!).  It read: 

Lashom's Monuments and Memorials
"Specializing in dual memorial markers"
Call 919-881-6000

Strapped on the trailer was a pair of....

The Ultimate 
"Dual Memorial Marker"?

All washed

I assume that every Mother in America would find such a "dual memorial marker" entirely appropriate...

Perhaps engraved as follows:

Jan. 8, 1924 - Sept. 9, 2014

She came, She saw, She laundered!
... and then took a long, hot bath.

"I have finally finished the laundry."
"Hallelujah !!"

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Anonymous said...

but we all know, unless you're a nudist, the laundry is never finished!