Monday, June 13, 2016

Hair Brained....

Over the top?
Best I can determine, having a "slightly balding" hair style is not a valuable "life-asset".  Never have been able to determine any great "upside" to this genetic deformity.

Someone told me the other day that he was finally experiencing some "new growth" on his "barren-beyond-belief", bald head after decades of depilitation.* 

* [that's a "robust" word for the male-pattern "defurring"
process, which results in lots of clogged-up shower drains across America.] 

Tried to appear positive in replying to him with a: "Well, you must be very excited about that!"

He said:  "No, not really, because unfortunately all the new hair is growing...

... out of my ears!!!"
["But you look so cute...."]

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