Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Leadership On The Web: Following Spiderman...

The path less travelled...

We've talked a good bit about woods-walking in the past... 

Such expeditions clear the mind and restore the soul. You may not know that a walk in the woods should also be viewed as an opportunity for social interaction and leadership training. 

When you go out on a saunter in the woods, always be sure to take a friend along.

The friend you invite must be of a particular type - adventuresome, aggressive, self-confident, independent-minded.  Y'know, one of those quintessential "born leader", alpha-type profiles.  And, most importantly, the chosen friend must be of a physical height equal to or greater than your own.  Tall companions are absolutely the best of company on long walks in the woods!

"But, why?," you ask.

The path-finder...
Well, first because those blessed with "natural" leadership abilities always feel compelled by some irresistible force to take the lead.  Such friends are eager, almost anxious to strike out boldly on uncharted jaunts; trailblazing a new path earnestly, while leading the advance. 

I've always found it to be of great benefit to
... and point man.
quietly and carefully follow in the foot steps of such friends, even into the thickest underbrush, through the fiercest wild rose bushes, and around the most unobvious quicksand.

Misnakes happen!
When following a great leader, one must accept gracefully that a pre-cleared path has its advantages; that the mistakes will have been identified and overcome; and that the snakes will have already been located and dispersed.  

As a good follower, one should always do what one must - and let the leader show the way!
It's just your imagination... maybe!

But, the greatest advantage of taller friends in the woods is their unique ability to clear all "invisible" spiderwebs from your path. 

Unexpected spiderwebs are always an immediate inspiration in the woods.  Hitting one at full throttle simply ignites the imagination! Logic and rationality instantly evaporate and the adrenalin injection startles the body into intricate fits of frenetic "soul searching".`

In fact, I'm quite sure that the macarena, that once
fashionable dance craze, was invented in some South American rain forest by a hiker who had just hit a spiderweb.  'Cause when you hit one, you frantically dip and twist, patting every part of your body. The little wiggle at the end of the macarena is just an expression of one's worst fears - that the spider has dropped down your shirt, or dived into your blouse, and is eight legging it south toward your pants with less than honorable intentions.
Watching best friends strut their stuff with the greatest of energy and enthusiasm in some remote wood is a memory that will - I promise - get you through the coldest winter or deepest despair!  But, remember your role as loyal follower!  As your friend's leadership dance moves from macarena to Caribbean limbo, try to maintain your composure!

You've probably been harangued from time to time with the challenge:  "Lead, follow, or get out of the way!"

Don't know about you, but quite often I've found that I like the second and third choices just fine....


Anonymous said...

Keep calm and give the ncusif to fdic.
Or, keep calm while they give the ncusif to fdic.

Anonymous said...

Jim, if you were to take a walk in the woods with Chairman Matz what would you talk about?

Jim Blaine said...

I imagine it would be a "listening session".

Anonymous said...

But wood....she listen? Or wood...you hear just crazy double talk?