Monday, December 14, 2015


Don't know about you, 
but lots of intelligent credit union folks suspect they've been...



Is this the best CUNA can do under fire?
Looks like yet another wasted year in the making!

As a Republican, Mr. Nussle should be careful of "his friends"...

Leaders with "hair-brained" ideas 
have a very short shelf life!

[We hope!]


Anonymous said...

Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Unfortunately CUNA is doing none of them.

Anonymous said...

I see he is not sporting a tie. Afraid it could be flipped into a noose?

Dennis Moriarity said...

Viewed the video - Conclusion - Oom-pa-pa. A politician running for office visited an Indian reservation and made a series of payoff promises each one greeted by crowd exclamations of oom-pa-pa as each promise was made. Following the speech the Chief took the politician on a guided tour of the reservation. Nearing a clearing, on which the tribes cattle were grazing, the Chief grasped the politicians arm and steered him past a still steaming mound of cattle excrement. The Chief looked at the politician and remarked that he must be more careful of the oom-pa-pa.