Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"GREAT" Choice...

CUNA appears to be heading into its third year of irresolution.  

Granted both the CUNA Board and CEO Jim Nussle have made grand pronouncements of "bold action", "important steps", "greater options", "greater engagement", "greater value", "greater accountability", "greater advocacy", "greater access"... kind of "greats on your nerves" after a while doesn't it! 
Selling a Whopper?

But as they say:  "Talk is cheap, where's the beef?"

Q:  Really how long does it take to enact the "Choice" (direct credit union membership in CUNA), which the Jim Nussle says the CUNA Board has approved?

A: 20 days! [Know it's hard to find a lawyer in D.C., but... even so just 20 days!]

It's as easy as 1-2-3!!! Here's the scoop from the CUNA Bylaws (bottom of page -"About CUNA"):

1) The CUNA Board has the authority to recommend a bylaw change. ( Sect. 3.8(f) Powers)

2) The CUNA Board must give members 20 days notice of a special meeting to vote on a bylaw amendment. (Sect. 3.4  Special Meetings)

3) Two thirds of the members voting can approve a bylaw amendment electronically, by mail etc in lieu of meeting in person. (Sect. 6.1 Amendment Procedures)

What changes would need to be made?

Delete !

Strike the following phrases:

1) Sect. 1.2(b) "Each of a member league's member credit unions is also automatically a member of this corporation." 

2) Sect 2.1(a)2 "Credit unions that are members of member leagues."

3) Sect. 2.3 "A credit union which is a member of a member league of this corporation is automatically a member of this corporation." 

Add: "Any credit union may apply for membership in this corporation."

4) Sect. 2.4 "A credit union that withdraws from membership in a member league also automatically withdraws from  membership in this corporation."

        Ready to vote? Why not?

   Wouldn't that be "GREAT"!


Anonymous said...

Jim, the leaders of the 'interdependent' movement want us to move cautiously because we only have 'one chance to get this right.' In their minds, this is a profoundly complex undertaking and the fate of the industry is riding on it. (Insert rolling eyes here)

Anonymous said...

Why does everything have to be done on your timetable? I may be mistaken but there are lots of moving parts that need to be coordinated. Leagues have to change their bylaws and they don't need to drop everything, hold special meetings and dance to your tune. During the next six months or so CUNA and the leagues will propose bylaws
changes, give notice to members and then vote on the recommendations. We have lived under the existing structure for decades and demanding that changes be implemented in 20-30 days is ridiculous, IMHO.
Georgia Birddog

Jim Blaine said...


The leagues don't need to do anything, each league may decide what's best for its member credit unions. The key point is if CUNA is going ahead with optionality, then execute it so the leagues can move on.

If you review Mr. Nussle's video you'll see there really aren't any moving parts - no change in Board composition, no change in committees, no ... actually the CUNA Board and CEO have made no changes at all.

And, it would appear given the current status of several leagues permitting "optionality" that CUNA will be in violation of its own charter and bylaws if it doesn't act quickly to make their announced "change" effective Jan. 1, 2016 - and they know that.

You, nor any competent CU leader, would knowingly breach their bylaws...

CUNA needs to act quickly, which will also help the individual leagues chose the best course forward.

Anonymous said...

One other minor change...CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP.