Sunday, December 06, 2015

Send 'Em A Message....

Write? Right?
Most of us are a bit sheepish about writing a letter to our Congressional representatives, despite the fact that this is a democracy and "looking after our best interests" is their principal concern. 

Least that's what they tell us in all those incessant mailings, robo-calls, and minute-by-minute requests for campaign contributions. And of course, they always emphasize how important our opinion is to them and that they really do want to hear from little ole you and me!

But, it's kind of intimidating "to approach the throne"; regular folks become such important people once they are elected! 

They're so busy and, of course, we sure hate to embarrass ourselves by saying something stupid, don't we! [Well there are some exceptions - right?]

Sound familiar?  Well, here's a little five-step, no fail formula for writing to the "powers that be"....

Just Write These Five Sentence
  1. My name is (Sweetbaby).
  2. I live in ("the woods").
  3. I'm writing to ask your support for (H.R.1553/S.727).
  4. Can I count on you?
  5. Please let me know, thank you.
[You are now a first-tier "politico" 
in 25 words or less!!!]

You who?
And, don't worry about using "The Honorable" or "Your Majesty" or any of that real formal stuff. Just call 'em by their first name, y'know "Dear Johnny,".... 

It will worry the devil out of 'em, because they will think they have met you somewhere before and just can't remember exactly where and when. A politician really can't stand to let on that they have absolutely no clue who you are!!

Mr. Nader
You can just address it: "c/o The U.S. Congress, Washington, D.C." if you can't find a specific address.  

Now, sign it, seal it, and drop that sucker in the mail! [E-mail works just fine, too!]

EZ - right?!?  As a political activist, Ralph Nader ain't got nothin' on you now....!!  

So, go ahead, 

"Send 'Em A Message"! 

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