Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rants And Raves...

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[... and around Mitchell County!]

*  Well, it's miracle season again when grown men, who claim they can't work, climb 100 feet up in a tree in freezing weather, to wait hours for the chance to drag a 200 pound deer 3 miles up hill, over rocks and ice, back to their brand-new, leased pick-up truck.

* Deer meat is delicious if you know how to cook.

*  The new sidewalks over on Harris Street are finally in, but they forgot to do anything about the potholes there.  But that's okay, we'll just drive on the sidewalks for a while.

Another way to fix climate change?
*  History will show that blaming climate change on people and passing all these laws is like throwing the virgins over the cliff or into a volcano to appease a false god.

And, then there was this...

Who knowed?
*  For the person who spoke out about how much better folks were who "growed up" here, than new comers and outsiders; thanks, you certainly made us proud.

... and lastly, an all-time, perennial classic....

*  Come to Church or go to Hell.

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