Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Diet Twinkies...

If that headline didn't make you laugh, you need to have your pulse checked!

By the way, Diet Twinkies come in a "two-pack" for added caloric savings.... got to imagine that low fat Twinkies are "the next big thing", so to speak...

...well whaddaya know!

Twinkie "Lights"!!!
"Balanced" Federal Budget!!!
Reg "Relief" !!!
CUNA Political "Action" Committee!!!

Donald Trump for "President"**!!!

(**Not Likely:  Too big a pay cut, would have to move to a smaller house, would not be allowed to make sound, business-based decisions, the federal government is already fully leveraged, not use to working in an environment driven primarily by power and greed, could no longer call political leaders "stupid", since he would officially be one!) 

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