Thursday, December 03, 2015

For Millennials: The Executive Search Problem....

 "No matter how smooth I talked.
 He wouldn't listen to the fact that I was genius;
 the Man said we got all that we can use..."

(Keep pushing, you'll get there!)


Heather Anderson said...

There's a very capable generation between baby boomers and millennials called Gen X. Many of them are already running credit unions and industry organizations, and there are more than enough (Gen X is only 13% smaller than the boomer generation - the industry has consolidated far more than that) waiting in the wings with a couple of decades of experience under their belts. Gen X also has a strong work ethic that, frankly, most millennials lack, genius or not.
Why push inexperienced workers into executive positions before they're ready? That's dangerous business.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Heather, yes. Thank you.