Monday, November 30, 2015

Crisis Leadership... Easy as 1-2-3.

Sure enuf?

1) The primary role of a leader is to assure the survival of the group.
Leaders always receive great support from the group in pursuit of this common goal. Deference, ceremony, "pedestal-ization", , pomp and circumstance, pontificada-yada-yada, ....
Liars, huh?

2) The primary function of a leader is to create, instigate, and then control crisis.
You will find this process difficult to anticipate and evaluate, for although leaders should never lie; if wise, they rarely tell the full truth. Leaders are calculated stage actors and major dissemblers.

Sneaky b-----! 
3) The primary goal of a leader is to predict the future.

As a futurist, the leader is a revolutionary, radical agent of change working in direct opposition—due to the high risks associated with major change—to the perceived best interests of the group.

Successful leadership is clearly evident, continuous change in the apparent absence of crisis. 

[Unexpected internal crises are leadership failures,
 whether or not successfully managed.]

          All else is maintenance!

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There is no leader!