Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Tip Of The Iceberg...???

Looks like great fun!  Too bad
they'll be in meetings day & night!

Hope you have completed your homework !!!!
 ... and finished studying "A Vision For Advocacy Everywhere"[... if not here's the link again], - which is on the "must reading" list for all the league execs heading down to the Four Seasons in Orlando a little later this month.

Got to admit that I had to struggle with some of the lingo - much of which is pretty dense.  Still not quite sure what "conceptualizations about new approaches to association effectiveness" really means; and how "For the banks, 90% market share and pure scale mask association disaggregation" is a problem; nor logically why "interdependence is essential for optimum success"?!?

The organization and flow charts depicted throughout "A Vision..." also presented a real challenge, as all that kept coming to mind were plumbing diagrams, bowls of inter-tangled spaghetti, and some wannabe Rube Goldberg modelers. 

Some of it is simply my unfamiliarity with how to organize a trade association to be efficient and effective - assuming of course that is even possible!  There apparently are no existing, working models within the movement based on that design.

But there was one design/layout in particular - the Advocacy Everywhere Corp. - which seemed entirely unfathomable. Just don't get it! I'm sure the authors will never speak to me again; but in truth it appears to be a plan to...

... rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic!

[Certainly no one would waste time doing that!]
[Would "they"?]
[Would you?]
[Are we "going down"?]
[Pull up a chair!]


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine what it would look like as the CUNA staff and the league CEO fought each other for a seat on the lifeboats. Pure chaos. Sorta like their attempt at being a true association.

Dennis Moriarity said...

Ok I struggled through it and then I printed it. I'm willing to give it one more shot tonight. I'm hoping to convince the Mrs. to help with some of the big words and terms but I must admit a certain suspicion keeps creeping in that this is just another Association Ponzi scheme. Checked and didn't see Madoff's name at the bottom. Another troubling thing is the idea that these 5 people can somehow draw a plan without input from a very large group of people who should have input. I bet any of them individually would have a problem explaining it to anyone who asked. More likely they hired someone to put it together and as long as the conclusion did what they wanted they signed off on it. I will report on the morrow...