Saturday, November 14, 2015

Call "911".....

Well, the latest announcement from the fine folks at CUNA is that they plan to "call in the lawyers" to help!

  (Alright stop that laughing right now - or else I'll sue!)

Seems that the CUNA "BLT" ("Boss and Leadership Team") and perhaps the CUNA Board have somehow finally gotten the word that there is change afoot in the world. [Here's the link!] 

"To choose or not to choose,
that is the question...
Experience proves that bringing in the lawyers does not generally foreshadow a quick decision! And even worse, lawyers quite often can provide a convenient cover for delay and a seemingly "reasonable excuse" for lack of action. 

But as a long-time, casual observer of leadership and human nature, would suggest that this might be a case of the CUNA BLT....

... jumping out in front of a mob and trying to call it a parade!

[Hope we aren't getting nuzzled, 
'cause the train's left the station, baby!]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The train has left the station.
Cuna, NCUA, Nafcu leagues all have to deal with the unwinding as it plays out in front of their disbelieving eyes.
Maybe only now coming to grips with the fact that more are jumping ship while many of those that stay aren't really "in".
They tuned out, in bunches, over years.
Theyre there, but they're not.
They attend conferences, but they're just having fun. Or, they don't attend but their "volunteer" board goes as part of their unpaid remuneration.
Got any ideas who picks up the phone when credit unions decide to dial 911?
Maybe the same voice as in 2009.