Wednesday, November 11, 2015

NAFCU Dues Coupon...


Offering better value in
Advocacy - Education - Compliance
for Americas' Credit Unions?

Tiffany Quality at Wal-Mart Pricing - 
What's the Problem?


Anonymous said...

Half of nothing is still nothing.
"Nothing from nothing leaves nothing"
Nafcu, "quit trying to be my hero, cause that zero is too low for me."
Nafcu is better at compliance stuff.
Better at education?
By what body of evidence on CU knowledge are they better?
Were they ahead or behind the curve on stress tests and RBC?
Did they forewarn on the CCU debacle?
Are credit unions performing better as a result of this education?
And as for advocacy, they are CUNA,s equal.
The dues decision should be based on "what do I get for spending this money"... Not in comparison to CUNA, heck that's like aspiring to failure.

Anonymous said...

It's called brand loyalty. For decades CUNA has portrayed NAFCU as the bad guy. They somehow convinced their members that CUNA can better represent them and they actually get things done. History has shown that both points are false. Their representation, performance and accomplishments on the Hill are laughable. But change is hard. It's a bold move that takes courage. It takes work and effort. But those who know credit unions understand that so many CEO's out there would rather write the check. It's easier and fastest and let's them get back to the more important things like golf. trips to warm places, dinners and just plain goofing off.

Tony Costanzo said...

Can you say: self-perpetuating organizations?