Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Boss and the Leadership Team... CUNA's "BLT"!

"Where's the bacon?"
Today is a red-letter day for credit unions! At 2:00 p.m., "CUNA CEO Jim Nussle and his Leadership Team" [note that's "Leadership Team" in caps!] will hold a webinar during which CUNA-member credit unions will:

"* understand CUNA's work on behalf of credit unions."

"*  learn about the latest benefits of membership and the opportunity to ensure your voice is heard."

The "B" and the "LT"!
Mr. Nussle and "The L.T." will also provide CUNA members with "the opportunity to ask
 questions". That's a pretty cool opportunity! 

Hey, the chance to 1) understand CUNA, 2) get an update on "activities and actions", 3) learn about new benefits, and 4) let everyone have their say - all in just one hour from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. Guess it's going to be kind of like speed dating!... or maybe there's just not really a whole lot new to say about CUNA. [sounds a bit like an NCUA "listening session", doesn't it!]

Hope these 4 questions [ok, ok 8!] are discussed:

1)  How will the rapid decline/consolidation in the number of credit unions affect CUNA?

2)  What is CUNA doing to save small credit unions?  Why isn't it working?

3)  Why won't CUNA honor the request of its members in all asset classes for "CHOICE"? Why will credit unions stop supporting CUNA if "CHOICE" is approved? What's wrong?

4)  If CUNA is "bloated, siloed, top heavy, and inefficient" as you have stated, what do you plan to do about it? How? When?

See ya' at "HAPPY HOUR"


Anonymous said...

Need to also ask about our dues cut. Will they cut dues for everyone across the board or just cap the dues for large, fast-growing credit unions? WHich of course is not a dues cap but a cap. They talk about cutting $1.5 million from the budget, what makes up this number? Is it ongoing savings or a one-time savings from SERPs etc? I predict we will hear more about victory, growing is victory and victory is growing. This webinar does sound like eyewash, the exaxt same BS we got from NCUA. Light leaders have light discussions. Yawn.

Dennis Moriarity said...

Uh that looks like 8 questions but the chances of getting any answers are pretty remote anyway so who's counting? Nussle is a figurehead who takes his direction from the larger and most influential League president's. They tell him when to jump and how high. Their motives are self serving and nothing will change although they will smear as much lipstick as they can. They stuffed the Dorety committee recommendations and will resist any change that they don't approve of. Nussle got out of line when he called CUNA bloated, siloed and inefficient and he was "told about it". He was right and the boys and girls think this will simply wash away and return to their version of normal. CUNA, on its present course, will die and its unfortunate because it has assets that, unleashed, with the proper leadership and a stronger board to put the League muck a mucks in their place, could do much good work for credit unions. Right now the best choice would be NAFCU with the hope that it pays careful attention to the demise of the bloated, siloed - well you know the rest.

Anonymous said...

I can boil CUNA's problem down to one thing: they're no good at advocacy anymore. I was a big fan, and big believer in them 10 years ago, but now they fail at pretty much everything they do. On the Hill credit unions are blocked by the banks, at NCUA CUNA seems to have no influence. I thought their performance during the corporate crisis was laughable. The last straw for my credit union was the story about CUNA having the biggest pac. So what? What do we get for all the work we do back home? Nothing to show. Which is why we disaffiliated LAST YEAR. We're out until they change, if they can.

Jason M. Dias , US Army and Desert Storm Veteran said...

They won't even take a twitter question from a Veteran a day after Veterans Day. All I want is a straight answer on a few items.

Anonymous said...

The call was a complete waste of time. No news. No insight. No leadership.

Anonymous said...

What did everyone expect from those dodos? Did you really believe you were going to hear anything different? They have nothing new to say. They have no ideas. They have no vision. They are ineffective on the Hill and at NCUA. They are clueless. Nothing will change. Credit unions will again pay their dues and all the bozos and bozettes will continue to collect their big paychecks and have a very happy holiday.