Friday, November 13, 2015

Wayne Gretsky, Steve Jobs, Diana Dykstra....

North Carolina and South Carolina pull a
 Wayne Gretsky!

While Diana...

... skates to where the puck can not remain.
[... which really doesn't "cut much ice"]


November 12, 2015

Good morning,
Since not all credit unions were present at our 2015 REACH Conference that took place last week I wanted to make sure you were made aware of my comments regarding the CUNA System Structure and Governance Task Force recommendations and where your League stands on the situation.
The System Structure and Governance Task Force report was submitted to the CUNA board at its September 2015 board meeting to consider the task force’s three recommendations
  • Offer credit unions choice as well as a strong statement to the CUNA Board to actively promote dual membership
    • The power of one system in envied by all associations and we know we are better together
  • Enhance cooperation and interdependence of the CUNA/League System to deliver strong advocacy
  • Streamline the CUNA Board from 24 members to 15
The task force also noted in its recommendations on choice that it would require significant changes in how the system operates and would have to be carefully executed.
The CUNA board met for two days and decided the following:
  • Fortify an advocacy system that produces major results in removing barriers to credit unions.
  • Recognized that offering choice today without contemplating ramifications could result in 50 states, CUNA, and others with separate and competing advocacy agendas—the only winners in this scenario would be the banking associations.
The CUNA board will continue discussions on the task force recommendations regardless of what our trade publications and other pundits lead you to believe.  The board’s next meeting is in early December.
CUNA and the Leagues have an 80-year history, and no matter what outsiders have to say, it’s a complicated matter determining how we make choice happen that will not destroy our interdependence.
We only have ONE opportunity to get it right and as such the California and Nevada boards have declared the following:
  • We support the task force recommendation to enhance CUNA/League cooperation and interdependence in delivering strong advocacy as evidenced by mutual commitment agreements that hold us accountable to one another.
  • Both League boards have begun the study of choice, and throughout the course of several months, will contemplate the best way to accomplish the change our credit unions seek. We will engage our credit unions in this process and will keep you all informed.
It is true that a majority of credit unions answered positively to the question on choice. In addition, a majority also indicated they supported both their League and CUNA. I would suggest that instead of asking the question of “Do you favor choice?”, we should be asking, “Do you believe advocacy effectiveness will be enhanced through choice?” 
I welcome the continued dialog from our members and I only ask that you give us the time to get it right.

Diana                           [Looks like a possible delay of game penalty
                                                   for California and Nevada!!!]
                                           [Think they call it "icing" in hockey!]
Diana R. Dykstra
President and CEO
California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

Hey Diana, don't ice (ice) this baby!

Wasn't Steve Jobs from California??


Anonymous said...

She got the key question wrong.
The key question is " do you believe we have seen and will see effective advocacy in ANY form and with any amount of money thrown at it?"
If you are in business FOR credit unions, you don't act and speak this way.
It's clear to everyone but them that get paid like bankers.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that the NCUA board (all 3) have publicly (at gac and elsewhere) the new Curia?
Fom expansion, Mbls cap relief and supplemental capital?
2 things to consider.
One, if trades were going to be effective, maybe the board wouldn't be sticking it's neck out?
Two, since the board is ignoring congress and "going for it", why do we need to spend on advocacy, except locally at state level?
Sorry Diana! NCUA board trying to skate to where the puck should be!!

Anonymous said...

Diana has learned to skate at both ends of the ice or in baseball parlance, to cover all bases. She has also learned the Bill Clinton speak by changing how a question is asked to get the answer you want. Congratulations Diana you have taken your place ahead of all the pompous, ego driven, do you love the way I look league CEO's.

Chris Jillson said...

Good evening all CU Leaders,
“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men” -Abraham Lincoln...
Is it not time to hear your voice and take action .... for freedom of choice in regards to CUNA and leagues, has now been a topic of discussion for 30 years.
"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times a crises, maintain their neutrality."- JFK (June 24,1963)
Have a great weekend.
Chris Jillson