Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Thanksgiving Prayer For Credit Union Folks...

At Thanksgiving...

 Lord, save us from our foolishness.
I know that's a lot to ask with this group.
But, do the best you can.



Anonymous said...

So, waited a few days to provide an idea for "our" "dilemmas".
What would be the one move that could provide the most "bang for the buck"?

Remove the ncusif and place under fdic.
Make NCUA the supervisor of credit unions with assets under $100M...
...or, follow what mr. Mcwatters seems to be saying and have "complex" (stupid word) be under $500M.
All,others get a new, more "equipped" supervisor.
An expanded and more "modern" ONES!
Guess that's 2 ideas, but...that's why we call it "interconnected risk"!!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! Common sense! For those who are representing our industry & also as we serve those who are less fortunate. Kudos to my CU friends who are working Thanksgiving by serving food in shelters across the country.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to all credit union people who are working to serve meals, deliver food and helping those who need it the most on this special day. This country has always reached out to those in other countries who are less fortunate and to those who wish ti immigrate to this great land of ours. But we must always remember, we have hundreds of thousands of individuals born here, citizens of the United States, children and adults who are homeless and hungry. Let's never forget them and their needs and make sure we take care of our own.