Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Vision of Advocacy Everywhere...

Thought Dennis Moriarity was going to do me a
favor and parse out, and then explain, the important elements of "A Vision of Advocacy Everywhere" - the now famous and still widely unread trade association "reconceptualization" document, authored by five of the most experienced and influential league CEOs in the CUNA network.

But "A Vision for Advocacy Everywhere" 
[here's the link] is a dangerous read, fraught with many difficult passages,  logical black holes, and indecipherable jabberwocky. Fear Dennis is loss to us forever now, somewhere in Wonderland! 

As Alice said, the more you study it, things just become "curiouser and curiouser"!

Here's the bottom-line for you persistently slack non-readers: "The Vision..." proposes to create a new Advocacy Everywhere Corp. (AEC), which is basically a new national advocacy fund with a separate board dominated by large credit unions, bolted on to the underbelly of the existing CUNA/Leagues infrastructure. Not much else seems to change, life goes on. 

As Alice said: "I never heard it before, but it sounds like uncommon nonsense!"

But, please do your own homework or I'll get chastised for "skewing you over"! The key elements of the AEC proposal are: a) structural design objectives (pg 5); b) AEC roles (pg 8); c) Board structure (pg 9); d) Benefits (pg 10); e) Challenges (pg 11). 

Alice would have commented: "Why, sometimes I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"

But take a look at page 6, which outlines the funding model for the new AEC... 

You have to watch very closely how the money is moved around to grease the skids of 

First go back to page 5 and note that "total dues revenues being collected by the Leagues are roughly $86 million. Of that amount, $26 million is passed to CUNA and $2 million is directed to the National Advocacy Fund."(so the leagues keep $58 million.)  If you'll look closely at page 7 and not become too confused by the arrows, you'll see under the new AEC that the Leagues now get $60 million, CUNA still gets $26 million, and the national Advocacy Fund gets $10 million - a total of $96 million!. Got it?

Alice and the Leagues call the extra $10 million extracted from CUs under "The Vision..." a dues cut.

"Have I gone mad?
I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something,
the best people usually are!"

The Mad Hatter
- Alice in Wonderland


Anonymous said...

Seems like credit unions are going to have to determine which side of the mushroom they are going to eat from?

Anonymous said...

What an incredible waste of time and money!

Anonymous said...

So they want us to hand over the leagues an additional $10 million. Look at where this proposal came from...pretty sure that speaks volumes as to where these people have their values placed....Values, morals $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

I did finally bite the bullet and read the entire document. In doing so, I was initially dumbfounded by the crazy arrows and had noted the “math” discrepancies out to the side myself. Definitely didn’t portray a straightforward picture (not that the remainder of the document did a better job). My head is spinning, which seems to have been their intent.

I must have misread the role of the AEC incorrectly the first 10 times. It states “ascertain”, not “decide” the amount of total network funding on pg.8, a tricky way to say that CUNA as well as the Leagues still have the authority to set their fees (and decide how they inevitably spend the money), and 4 of CUNA’s members are on the AEC board help decide how the funds are collected.

And I still don’t understand who has access to the proposed $10M National Advocacy Fund…

These five CEOs have spent a considerable amount of time coming up with a plan that puts the collection and distribution of money at the center of the picture instead of focusing on the “Fundamental Purpose”.

Just seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors to me!

Confused Member

Anonymous said...

Unbeknownst to most,the individual hired as a consultant to prepare the CUNA budget was none other that the Honorable Debbie Matz. Make sense now?

Anonymous said...

So it looks like this distinguished group of self-serving, legends in their own mind(s) got together at the Lunatic Asylum and put this piece of work together. Now they have created another self-serving board if directors, and of course we need staffing, multiple offices, and extensive travel budgets to meet with more of the same groups. At the meetings they can give each other awards, plaques, certificates, for all the good work they do. It sounds a like lot more of the same from more of the same. Instead of cutting the fat, they have created a whole new layer of fat. Now they are just starting to look silly, behave silly and act silly. And we are silly because we continue to support silly.

Anonymous said...

As the children say: "You can't fix stupid!"

Anonymous said...

and the craziness continues. where do we find these people?