Sunday, November 22, 2015

Competency .....

Mr. Mark McWatters

The contrast is becoming embarrassingly stark....

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("Hey, let's hope nobody notices...")

The joke's
on us!!


         ... AND ACTS !!!

From Congress quote:


(It's way passed time for action...)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Blaine, you missed including Metsger. He's proven to be the worthless mouthpiece of Matz and is bought and paid for by Troy Stang. Need to clean house. Are you prepared to serve?

Anonymous said...

What action are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

Congress comes to Washington, holds a hearing and then leaves. Congress introduces legislation that goes nowhere. A hearing is held, important issues are raised, the hearing ends, the regulator goes home and nothing changes. It appears that no matter what is said or who says it that the needed changes are not going to happen until such time there is a new Chairman at NCUA. Despite the fact the term of the current occupant of that position has ended, she serves until the President nominates a successor and that person is confirmed by the US Senate. Considering where we are in the election cycle and the fact that NCUA ranks in importance just above the Commission empowered to determine the height of the White House Christmas tree, its doubtful there will be any changes until will after the next inauguration of a President in 2017. So suck it up credit union people, the ride of the crazy goes on.

Jim Blaine said...

It is not the actions that "I" am looking for... if you are involved with credit unions and feel that the operation of NCUA is effective then move on to the comics in your Sunday paper.

If you don't then what would you suggest? It's time for you and your credit union to get actively and very visibly involved... or remain quietly and meekly anonymous in life!

But do something easy for me... and more importantly for yourself.


Mr. McWatters clearly - and with great balance - outlines the issues that require a call to action. At heart it's simply about transparency and accountability in government, but he gives very specific examples.

Please take 10 minutes to read it.. or just be quiet about living in a credit union world of "SELF SERVING CRAZT TALK."

Jim Blaine said...

Try the 7/20/2015 post... A Disaster "Discovery" Plan.

The "discovery" as the video clips from the hearing so clearly portray was that NCUA, as the Rep. from S.C. so succinctly said, is a government agency guided by SELF-SERVING CRAZY TALK.

Anonymous said...

But Jim, as Ms. Matz said at the hearing, she is told credit unions could care less about the NCUA budget. And really, have you ever know a board of directors to complain about anything but the food at their monthly meeting or that the place for their annual planning session is not warm enough? Who really does represent credit union members? Certainly not the league presidents. They too are more consumed with their salaries and which one is next in line for the Nussle job. And the individual credit union CEO's? Like any industry, half are good half are worthless. So were are we at? Same place as yesterday. Same place as today. Same place tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It seems under Democratic administrations your NCUA was headed by D'Amours and Matz!Under Republican administrations your NCUA was headed by Callahan, Jepsen, Dollar, Johnson and Fryzel. Seems credit unions get more open government under the Republican administrations. Why we allow Credit Union PAC money to support Democrats who allow corrupt non-transparent bulling bureaucrats like Matz stay in power is beyond me!

Jim Blaine said...

In answer, yes I have and do work for directors who believe in the core values of a credit union, do not junket, commit an unbelievable amount of time on a volunteer basis, are very much dedicated to "good government" - including at NCUA, and are skilled and competent, with a track record to prove it.

And, BTW, I think the directors whom I have met around the Country over the years meet the description above as the norm. Credit unions have not succeeded over the last quarter of a century because they got lucky - luck isn't that consistent. And lastly, credit union directors have led their organizations through this financial collapse with far more skill - and integrity - than those in the banking industry - that's just clear, indisputable fact, not debatable.

So where are we... depends on whether you want to lead or whine... which shall it be folks?


Anonymous said...

Credit union executives and directors have a great opportunity to advance their industry and the philosophy they espouse. Will they or will they continue to just whine? based on past performance, I am not confident they will chose the more difficult path and press for the changes needed. Rather it will be a lot easier to just sit back,enjoy the Thanksgiving Day football game and say, "maybe next year".

Jim Blaine said...

Was hoping that someone might suggest that one or both of our national trade associations would organize an action plan and go very public with your concerns, especially since they are both stymied in Congress with legislative gridlock.

Instead of a further litany of "bold" visions and "strong" letters and another meeting with "(insert a name of any one of 10,000 D.C. functionaries)" and..... nothing happening there soon, but as you note a rogue agency - VA, IRS, etc - can attract Congress/White House action immediately.

But if Mr. McWatters' thesis on reasonable and necessary changes in transparency and accountability aren't relevant then.... let's shut up.

We all earn in a democracy, the government - and independent agency - we deserve

DID YOU READ THE #!*X# paper... or are you just going to let him twist in the wind - what say Jim? What say Dan?

Quo vadis?.

Anonymous said...

If General Shinseki needed to resign at VA so does Matz.

With Shenseki, he inherited a mess, Matz created hers out of arrogance