Friday, August 12, 2016

Without a Shadow Of A Doubt...

The Agency has just released its latest video on enterprise risk management for credit unions.

"We are pleased once again to be at the very  forefront of risk management with robust analyses of potential risks which you would never ever have thought about without our help.  When we worry, you should worry!"

After all, we must protect the NCUSIF; folks would think we weren't competent if we bankrupted the Fund again!  

So, we're out to identify any and all risks; and, to make sure that you write a plan to manage each of them. 

Remember, NCUA is a stakeholder in your credit
union! We must manage your credit union while you write plans, since you don't have time to manage while you're writing plans... which come to think of it, sounds like another risk for which you should plan.

                                                                                           But, before we do that new plan, here's the new video from the Agency entitled:  

"A New, Dark Risk Every Credit Union 
Should Fear"

... it's especially dangerous in the rising interest rate environment we so confidently keep predicting !

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Anonymous said...

It's sorta like the Hillary repetitive syndrome, you keep telling people that you are trustworthy and after awhile they may actually believe you.