Friday, August 19, 2016

The Sun Also Rises.....

Guidance: "DUCK!"

Was really thrilled and certainly grateful for the "guidance" recently provided to credit unions on hurricanes and floods by the folks over on Duke Street.  It had never occurred to me that the NCUA was a noted authority and a point of reference on the topic of disasters, but come to think of it... 

U.S. Economic Forecast??

Did know that they had hired a slew of economists (about $2 million bucks worth!) to help assist the Federal Reserve with national economic planning.  So, perhaps the natural extension of that logic was to add a staff weatherman and meteorologists to help the National Weather Bureau with its forecasts.  The reliability and precision of economic and weather forecasts are, after all, "robustly correlated"

Diaster Central Command Post
When you establish a clear record of competence and expertise; it's only natural to want to share those gifts with others.  And, NCUA has most definitely established quite a reputation for competence and expertise over the last decade...

Here's the NCUA's new official disaster guidance:

  • Implement pre-disaster actions to ensure a constant state of readiness.
  • Communicate disaster preparedness and response efforts before, during, and after an emergency.
  • Utilize a cross-section of people to develop, test, and implement disaster preparedness and response plans.
  • Ensure back-ups are available.
  • Treat disaster preparedness and response plans as living documents.


That's pretty impressive although I'm not quite sure what is meant by: 

* "constant state of readiness" - but I bet an "inconstant" state probably requires a diaper; 

* "cross-section people" - think we just had a big political fight (HB2??) about that in N.C.; 

* "back-ups"round here that means taking along a friend when you intend to get into a fight; and 

* "living documents"probably something to do with the zombie-movie craze.

Got to admit our plan sure needs updating. 
It says:

* Close the branch.
* Buy a case of beer.
* Drive inland 150 miles to your cousin's house.
* Drink the beer and wait 'til you see the sun.

Guess we could add as a back-up:

* Buy a bag of ice.

Our plan is working!

Speaking of the sun, I suspect that's secretly what the adding of an "S" to CAMEL is really all about!!  

Willing to betcha that we'll be getting some additional "guidance" soon from Alexandria on sunrises! Y'know the sun has in the past always come up in the east; but, we have no assurance of that! Life without "the Big Orange" could be a very "sensitive" issue, y'know!  

Does your CU have a Sunrise Guidance constant readiness plan with back-ups in a living document?

That you're not prepared for sunrise could be a "safety and soundness" issue....


Rusty said...

Level of preparedness for the sunrise could depend (correlate robustly) on how much beer you drank at your cousin's house.

Jim Blaine said...

No, that's a different case...

William Brooks said...

Are you suggesting having a backup case as a backup plan?

Anonymous said...

The best and most realistic disaster plan is to send everyone home , lock the doors, hunker down and wait out the storm. But then that is the right thing to do so how would anyone at NCUA know to say that?

Jim Blaine said...

Personally, I have found it helpful to deal with major problems thoughtfully... on a case by case basis.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed how at times with just a few words you can put your finger on a problem. You use the words "thoughtfully" and "case by case". These words are not in the NCUA vocabulary. They rarely can think through a problem and prefer to deal in the "this is how we handled the last one" philosophy. By doing in that way they do not have to "think" about how something could be different and handled in a better way. Rather they just go back to the last one and follow the steps previously taken. Effective? Not a concern. The right way? Don't be silly. Thoughtful? Yeah right. Easier? Bingo!