Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Not sure how
I feel about this !

A true story which arose not from a credit union, but from a recent visit to the dentist office….  

The dentist injected several rounds of Novocaine in anticipation of a little ceramic repair work and then departed to give the anesthetic a few minutes to work its magic.  Upon returning he asked a question and made the blog….

He asked:  "Do you feel…

Duh + numb =?

…. numb, yet"?

Quite a question!  How does one feel numb?

[ "Robustly"?]


Jason M. Dias said...

I am in possession of an email from a former CU Times reporter that seems to indicate that CUNA had some editorial leverage over CU Times based on ad dollars. Not a good situation. The new CU Times editor will not publish my question to him about this in the comments section of his letter where he asks for comments. Pathetic.

Jim Blaine said...

Well, Sarah Cooke and Heather Anderson are frequent readers, so maybe they can defend their honor.