Sunday, August 14, 2016

Internet Ads... Drop Down Boxes

Some burning questions. 

Most internet ads which pop-up as you surf the net are pretty dull, uninteresting.  But occasionally...

Starting at $995 !!

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late !

     Montlawn Cemetery

Which leads to a couple of questions of the package provider...

  1. What do you get with an upgrade? Hotter flame? 
  2. Are the packages silver, gold, platinum? Or rare, medium, well-done? 
  3. Is that where the phrase "well-done, good and faithful servant" comes from?
  4. Do I have to have a "physical" to apply?
  5. Overweight surcharges? Non-smoking discounts? Baggage handling included?
  6. Are there "off season" rates? When is the best time "to go"?
  7. Noted that you have a "rewards" program.  What does it mean when you state: "Your rewards will be received elsewhere"?
  8. Do you have lay-a-way or extended stay options?
  9. What if I never need your service?  
  10. How do I know when it's "too late"?
  11. Should I contact you directly? Or just dial "911"?
  12. What do I do if I'm dissatisfied with your service?


Anonymous said...

Last chance for a hot, smokin' body!

Anonymous said...

What some people forget is that for them as soon as the lights go out the cremation begins and it is hot like hell and last forever.