Thursday, August 25, 2016

Credit Unions: Finding Our Market Niche....

Q:  Is there a future for credit unions in this highly competitive financial marketplace?

A:  As someone recently suggested, what if credit unions focused our efforts solely on those consumers who are "overcharged" by the banking industry and those consumers who are "underserved" by the banking industry?

H-m-m-m.... Let's see now: 1) focus only on those underserved by the banks and 2) those overcharged by the banks. Why that would include....

Both the "boinked" and "un-boinked"
plus the "under-boinked" and "over-boinked"!

.... all consumers
 - those who are "un-banked" and all consumers who  are "banked"!!

Would appear that our future is very, very bright .... wouldn't you agree?

I've been

Consumer B-"OINK"-ing In America:

You always get what you don't deserve !!

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