Tuesday, August 09, 2016

In Order To Change The World...

A leader should strive to create chaos out of order!

You prefer the status quo?


Anonymous said...

There is another alternative.

Anonymous said...

No I do not, which is why I also believe that we need change in this country and the way our government runs it. That is why I will vote for that change and cast my ballot for Donald Trump.

William Brooks said...

What is truly amazing is that we recognize the damage that an out of control government can do to the economy. We need to recognize that a government solution to a government caused problem, i.e., The CFPB does noting but aggravate a bad situation. Credit unions especially have been interfered with in serving their members because of overbearing regulations promulgated by this unaccountable governmental nightmare known as the CFPB.

"Power tends to corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" ~ Lord Acton

"The best government is which governs least." ~ Thomas Jefferson

For these two aphorisms alone we should vote Trump. The regulatory burden has just become too great through out this country. I regret that his proposed economic reforms while generally great will not reign in the NCUA or the CFPB.