Thursday, August 18, 2016


... means you never have
 to say (or admit!)
you're "sorry".

It is increasingly obvious that senior level failures at the Agency are squelched, white-washed, veiled and varnished - never to be acknowledged, all without consequence.

Which is why the NCUA is one of the few places in all the world, where you can meet....

... "professional" Kamikaze pilots 
who have flown 100 missions.


Anonymous said...

Problem is, kamikaze pilots die on contact, but these pilots live on to fly more failed missions.
As in, medallion lending.
Concentration levels up to 75% of assets, for years...means the regulator/insurer approved it.
Now brace for more unnecessary assessments and possibly a very public black eye.

A cursory look at the medallion credit unions displays the cancer...and it's been "cooperatively participated" throughout the credit unions.

So, having believed and hoped for a different approach w the new "enlightened" board...what will THEIR legacy be?
They now own this...mess.

Anonymous said...

The pilots are led by the General. Yet you condemn the pilots while praising the General. It stands to reason that if the troops are weak it is because the training and orders coming from the top are flawed and being given by individuals not capable of leading. Perhaps it would be best to take one of those planes, put General M in one seat and Lt. Go along in the other and send them on a Banzai mission.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, terrorist pilots never take the course on how to land the plane safety; it's not their responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and they are crashing other peoples' planes and getting to walk away scot free.

No one is accountable at NCUA.