Friday, July 01, 2016

Rants And Raves...

Mitchell News-Journal

*  The Bible says abstain from filthy lucre. What is filthy lucre? Pretty soon you're going to find out.

*  If my dog doesn't like you, I don't either.

*  Mitchell County has a trashy reputation.  Let's clean up the litter.

*  Who died and left you king of the road?

* Somebody needs to do something about all these rabbits on Overlook.  I've hit 17 rabbits this week.

*  I bet if these male researchers had to have a part of their anatomy squeezed in a vice, they would find a more comfortable way to check for breast cancer.

Now that one was pretty good, but to me here's this week's classic...

Oh, really !?!
*  Somebody needs to regulate all these new drones with cameras.  This is the third time this week they've been taking pictures of my butt on my early morning jog...

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