Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mind Over Matters?...

"I think, therefore I Sam."
"Be who you are and say what you feel;
because those who mind don't matter,
 and those who matter don't mind."

- Dr. Seuss

You're ....

.... very welcome!

So go forth and mind what matters!

(... and, as your Mama told you, also "mind your matters'!)


Anonymous said...

So is this what we are to expect from you until you sign off? Everyone knows you are counting the days until you can romp naked in the woods of North Carolina. I have said you already do that when you write "from the field". But how about the many issues out there that people ( a few anyway ) would like to hear your thoughts on? Like:

Should the NCUA Board be bigger?

Will Frick and Frack work together to get things done?

Should credit unions give up talking about changes to MBL?

Does anyone believe that CUNA has changed?

Can we make America great again?

Will you attend the "open" NCUA budget hearing and offer comment?

Should FCU's be required to disclose officer compensation?

Should CAMEL or CAMELS, whatever they want to call it, be made public?

I could go on and on but I tire too. Off for a romp!

Jim Blaine said...

Just trying to reflect the current state of the industry....

No, actually working on several things along the lines you outline. Currently in a pretty fierce "debate" with an unnamed federal regulatory agency that if reasonableness and the rule of law don't prevail will end up in court/Congress; but of course can't tell you about it because of the agency's "transparency rules" ... which seem to serve well only to shield their repeated, outrageous eruptions of ineptitude. But keep this quiet if you can. Wouldn't want any of the trades to be provoked into meaningful action.

While waiting on "the debate to mature"... about 30 more days... will kick-off tomorrow a week long discussion of RBC...