Saturday, July 02, 2016

From The Field.....And Throw Away The Key....

"Last Friday, the branch had some excitement at the end of the week.  The employees were trying to balance following an extremely hectic, busy, and trying day."

Sorry, didn't see ya'....
"The teller manager, in a hurry, after completing the balancing process with the last member, went into the vault to put up his work.  The other tellers didn't see him entering and unfortunately he was still inside, when Sally locked the vault and set the timer for Monday."

"She heard him say: "Oh no, wait a minute!"  But it was too late..."
(Yeah uh-huh, sure she "didn't see him"....)

Test Question:  "What do you say in this type situation?"

Answer: "Have a nice weekend!"

(Hope you do...!)

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