Thursday, October 29, 2015

Orlando and The Four Seasons...!!!!


Nov. 17-20,2015
Orlando, Florida

America's "Top 40" credit union leaders in Orlando movin' and groovin', shakin' and shaggin' to the smooth, soft rock sounds of everybody's favorite hits from the past! They'll be setting the tone and beat for the future of 100 million American credit union members!

"Can't Touch This..!"
(... nor CUNA, nor us! - AACULE)
- M. C. Hammer   

Old standards,  those oldie
 goldies which never die and have never been surpassed! How do you improve on perfection? Why mess with success... "It's the System®!"

And, "The Sound of The System®" in Orlando?

Why it's none other than the...

[get it, wink... wink!!!]

Singing AACULE's favorite mantra...

    "LET'S HANG ON" !!!
( what we got!)

"Doo dip, doo dip, doo dip!"

[Where's a "Jersey boy" when you need him?]


Anonymous said...

Now that was funny.

Anonymous said...

Governor Christy for CUNA. He will be available soon.

Anonymous said...

Jim, cute post. Though I don't find it all that funny as they (the Leagues and CUNA) aren't being wise with our dues dollars. The blatant disregard to how members' dues are being spent is an important and serious issue that needs to be addressed especially in a consolidating environment. This goes way beyond the "choice" issue. This is fiscal irresponsibility by our League leaders and AACUL.