Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fired Up And Hot To Trot....

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Knew That CU Marketeers Were Going To Take It Too Far Someday With This Branding Mantra...!!

Is This Really How Your Staff And Members Want To Feel About "Your Brand"?

OMG, I've been branded 
by my CU!
Moo-chas Gracias??

Is this how your staff and members actually feel when they interact with "your brand"

As they say:

 "It takes more than a hat to be a cowboy!"

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Anonymous said...

Marketing needs to connect the consumer either by a feeling, a self-interest (their pocketbook) or an experience in a simple, direct way, while reinforcing the brand, vision and mission of the organization. It's not ads or buying brand awareness. The worst such "marketing" has multiple steps and does not quickly connect the consumer to the company, such as a cow's butt.

Jim Blaine said...

Kudos to Keith Leggett who spotted the unusual headline..

Anonymous said...

I still think one of the best marketing campaigns launched in recent years was actually done by NAFCU. Their "Grow with Us" campaign was clean, direct and informative. There was a double entendre: "Grow with Us" Get it? Credit unions will grow using NAFCU and apparently NAFCU is growing too. Clever.

And then to subtitle the campaign with: Advocacy. Education. Compliance. This reinforces their brand and what they actually do and focus on. Flippin' genius.

And then they subtitle their subtitle with: 1/3 the cost of other associations. Once again reinforcing their value, efficiency and frugalness. Wicked smart.