Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CUNA: Directile Dysfunction...?

America's credit union members - all 100+ million of them - are represented on the CUNA Board by 24 elected men and women - all very nice people. In fact here they are:

As you will note, the 24 CUNA Board members are selected from six different districts to assure geographic diversity, a praiseworthy cooperative, democratic principle! 

Additionally, 18 of those CUNA Board members are selected based on the number of credit union members within the credit unions which they represent. There are three size classes: A) less than 30,000 members, B) 30,000 to 106,000 members, and C) more than 106,000 members. Assigning voting classes by number of credit union members also has sound democratic merit in assuring the diversity of member views in all credit unions are heard.
Approximately one-third of the 100+ million U.S. credit union members (33 million voices!) fall within each of the three classes (A, B, C).

And then there is the "D class". These 6 CUNA directors - representing one fourth (25%) of the board votes - are all League presidents who represent their fellow League presidents. Currently there are less than 40 League presidents left in the Country.

So, as currently constituted, the CUNA Board has 18 directors representing 100+ million credit union members (just over 5+ million CU members per director).

And 6 directors representing less than 40 people ( just over 6 individuals per director).

Do you perceive any cooperative, democratic, or...

... diversity issues within the "D class"?

Orwellian, perhaps?

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

- George Orwell
Animal Farm    


Anonymous said...

I think you should invite all your readers/followers to Cuba to further discuss the CUNA and League system.

Greg said...

CU Times had originally termed it a "junket" but then changed it to "confab". You think CUNA put a little heat on them over the use of the word junket?

Personally I liked junket. It seemed more appropriate.

Junket: a pleasure trip, often funded by someone else.

Jim Blaine said...

Cuba Libre!

Anonymous said...

Well good to see the BOYS CLUB is alive and well. How much is in the travel budget for these guys? Whatever it is money well spent at other peoples expense!