Monday, May 30, 2016

Sweet Potato Pie....

Congress at the wheel
of the Farm Bill.
As you probably know "THE FARM BILL", a terrifically complex piece of federal legislation, which affects - in one way or another - just about everyone in America is currently under intense debate in Congress (isn't everything!).  In reading "some stuff" about the legislative debate ran across the following:

Tuber or not tuber?
That is the question.
"Farmers aren't the only ones waiting on a deal.  Farm groups say they want Congress to get the job done. "

"Sue Johnson-Langdon, Executive Director of the N.C. Sweet Potato Commission, ...."

The sweet "potatoe" (that's the Republican vice-presidential spelling) is the state vegetable of North Carolina!  North Carolina now produces over 40% of the national crop of sweet potatoes.  Since N.C. is now an almost all "red" political state, there should be endless opportunities to promote the "red potatoe", 'course the Dem's may want to also support sweet potatoes - "the potato of color" - as a social justice issue...

Sweet potatoes = Sweet babies !!
The Executive Director of Sweet Potato - kinda has a ring to it , doesn't it!  Just intrigues me to think of being able to earn a living representing sweet potatoes.  Would be kinda fun to be the head potato (or is it the other way around?) of sweet potatoes.  Nice group, always quiet, never complain even when mashed or browned, sugared or pecaned.   Never met a baby that didn't like sweet potatoes, have you?

We want our share of the 
 But, politicking for sweet potatoes could get down and dirty!  Could give a whole new meaning to standard phrases like "outside the box" thinking, constituent "feedback",  the realpolitick risk of "eat or be eaten", and to the thought that in politics "you are either at the table or on the menu".  And of course, your critics would always accuse you of "yam-mering" on, and on, and on about your constituents.

But at least with sweet potatoes, you can be sure that you represent a group who knows how to count votes when the going gets tough...


(... endorsed by North Carolina's very own "Sweet(potato)baby" James Taylor) 


Anonymous said...

And I always thought the state vegetable was the turnip.

tony costanzo said...

The Potato Association is actually a Dic-tator-ship.