Tuesday, May 03, 2016

End Of The Line....

It's all right!
... remember to live and let live!


Anonymous said...

Yes Jim, now it will be all right to let your hair grow long.

Mike Higgins said...

Jim –

At a planning session this weekend I shared “Do the Right Thing” and “Send Us Your Momma” as mission and vision. We discussed WOMP as well. Lastly, I shared your quote about how asset size is your least interesting feature and what that meant by way of member advocacy and community outreach. It is truly amazing what you have created during your tenure. You and your organization are a role model for others to follow, regardless of industry sector. You are a true humanitarian. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Mike Higgins

Anonymous said...

The credit union industry is know for its rumors. Without something to talk about everyday is like a day without sunshine. So here is what is being bantered about today.

Jim Blaine has announced his retirement well in advance of it actually taking place. Sorta like a rock star or professional football player. Shortly he will begin a final tour of credit union land attending all the CUNA events (he is able to do this now since he has rejoined) accepting plaques and awards while making statements about the industry, its members and all the good things about credit unions. Then when the time comes he will accept the inevitable and retire. But the story does not end. The burn to be involved will rekindle itself and the desire to once again be out there working for the members will overcome him. After a lag year,perhaps traveling to Paris, he will announce that he is taking over the smallest of credit unions to do his magic all over again. And the story will go on.

Jim Blaine said...

Two thoughts:

1) Some commenters on this blog may be taking drugs.

2) Some of this has the same appeal as getting the chance to read your own obituary!